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Who came up with the sideways cross ring first? you or madonna/material girl

(does the ring above look familiar?  Forever 21, anyone?)
Hmm. The photo above of Madonna is the first time I’ve seen it, to be honest.  (And it looks awfully familiar to me – I instantly thought it was the Forever 21 ring that they had used to style to shoot.)

I highly doubt the inventor was anybody recent. The sideways cross has a rich symbolic history that dates back to the Bible if not earlier; one of the first re-usages of it was in 1821 when it was adopted on the Norwegian flag; and later, in 1883, when The Emblem of the Order was created utilizing a Maltese cross on its side. (source: Wikipedia.org)

By now, there are pretty much no new ideas in fashion; everything is just recycled, reappropriated, updated, and reused. Neither myself, nor Madonna, nor Forever 21 invented the sideways cross ring – my guess is that it probably was seen in the 20th Century sometime in the 60’s or 70’s (maybe in a Black Sabbath poster LOL), and Forever 21 was one of the more recent recylers of this idea.



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