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Love your blog! Advice on how to DIY this elastic savant bralette? Can’t imagine paying almost $200 for this!
Soitenly. There’s a couple DIY tutes on that bralette already out there, like on Monoxious ( and dusty dress (
The basic idea is you just pin the elastic onto your dress form, keeping the elastic taut but not *too stretched.* If you don’t have a dress form, then enlisting the help of a friend would be great, and pinning it onto a tight-fitting tanktop that you are wearing.  Then, pull off the piece, and stitch down the connections on your machine using a regular stitch (not a stretch stitch) in black thread.  It doesn’t even need a closure since it is elastic!
Best of luck – and you’re definitely right – $200 is way, way too much for some elastic!


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