could you please post the tutorial for the zip harness thing?x
(the reader means the piece pictured above, I believe)

Sorry – I know I wrote that I would share the tutorial for this a little while ago, and I actually did put together a how-to. But after a period of reflection, I’ve decided not to, and my reason is that I still consider Norwegian Wood an emerging label…Angie is doing very well for herself, but she is still up-and-coming, and I feel it would be morally wrong for me to share a “here’s how to rip off one of her pieces” with everyone. I figured out how to make my own version after looking at photos of it online – but had I the money to spend, I would honestly have bought her version. I want to do what I can to encourage emerging, small-time designers, and I feel posting such a tutorial would defeat the purpose, and ultimately be hypocritical of me. I really want to be loyal to my readers and accommodate requests for tutorials, but as a struggling designer myself, I would not want someone else to post a “here’s how to make one of her pieces” tutorial. I hope you understand, and if you decide to stop following my blog or choose to go somewhere else, I understand.
Thank you for your request.


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