You gals have dresses on the brain, as evidenced by my inbox.

Okay, first to the reader who is looking for more men’s shirt dresses:


(Top row, from left: Babydoll Dress, Convertible Bouson Top [which can be worn as a tube top dress), Summer Shirt Dress; Bottom row, from left: B ustier Dress, Vinyl Letter Tunic, Summer Tank Dress)

I’m sure you’ve already seen mine but in case you had missed any I’ve relinked them above.  All were made by repurposing men’s shirts.

I’m also working on another tutorial for you guys for the dress above, made from a men’s long-sleeved shirt.

Here are a couple others I’ve noticed around the web:

midnightintern‘s FABULOUS Rockstar Sack Dress.  Have I mentioned it’s fabulous??  (And I’m making a similar one in cobalt blue right now!)


Adventures in Dressmaking posted a tutorial about turning a blouse (men’s shirt will work just as well) into a dress by adding the bottom skirt.  Also, read back through her archives to see other tutorials and transformations, as well as a great tute for turning a man’s shirt into a skirt.

Rachel at Transient Expression linked her Shirtdress tutorial in the comments – which I had seen awhile ago and forgot to add in!  Thank goodness she caught it – because her chambray pinafore-style dress is just perfect for 2010!


Though it’s in French, km17 has posted the finished results of some men’s shirt refashioning that she did following the instructions from a Japanese pattern book.  [I do think those Japanese refashioning books are really cute and innovative (and they can really makeover your man’s shirts!!  But then again, I’m biased.;-)]  She hasn’t posted the how-to, but you can probably figure out how she did it by looking closely at the finished pieces.

And Wardrobe Refashion, CraftStylish,,, and Threadbanger are all great resources for refashions!

Thanks for your questions, as always:-)
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