Where have you lived? And what made you decide to move to those places? If you don't mind me asking.

In order: New Jersey; Yokohama, Japan; Virginia Beach, VA; Vermont; Tokyo, Japan; Philadelphia, PA; Honolulu, HI; Portland, OR. I grew up in rural small-town NJ, then my father’s job moved us to Japan when I was 11. We lived there 3 years, moved back to Jersey for a year, than my dad’s job moved us again to Virginia Beach, VA. I finished high school there, then went to college in rural, college town Vermont. Spent a year in Tokyo for a study abroad, finished school and went to 2 years of animation school in Tokyo. Met my future husband while in Japan, moved to Philadelphia PA while he was finishing up school (had to leave Japan since my visa was up), then, when he was done with school, he wanted to move back to where he grew up: Hawaii. So we moved to Honolulu, lived there 4 years until we had a kid and just couldn’t give him the life we wanted to in Hawaii (too isolated, too expensive, housing unaffordable, schools leaving something to be desired), so we moved to outside of Portland, OR, and have been there the past 2 years. Whew! I’m a little sick of all these cross-country and international moves by now.:-) We’ll probably be in Portland for a little while.

Thanks for your question!
Where have you lived before?

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