Hi! I`m Nadia can you make dresses for people with a thicker midsection and skinny legs?? I have a very difficult time trying to find dresses that`ll flatter my mid section and give me volume on my lower half. Thanks!!
Hi Nadia!
Are you asking for a tutorial for a flattering dress for your figure?


I received a very similar question on the Threadbanger blog. I’m not sure if you are the same person or not, but in any case, here is my answer for converting the Summer Tank Dress to something that will flatter your shape:

If you are skilled with a sewing machine, I’d recommend maybe adding a piece of elastic at the waist of this dress to bring it in, and then converting the skirt part to elasticized shorts (little bubble-shorts, if you will). Straight shorts I would worry would emphasize the difference in proportion between your legs and your midsection; by echoing the “blouson” style of the top created by the elasticized waist I think it would help even you out. Another silhouette you might try (not with this project, tho) is a corseted or very structured, tight-fitting midsection with a tulip skirt or full skirt that stands away from your body. (No gathering at the waist so we’re not adding bulk to your midsection!) This could be a very cute, fashion-forward look – think strapless, structured pieces, tube tops, corset-style, vertical seaming for your top half and voluminous shapes for your bottom. (Peplums are really popular lately and they might also be something to try!)
Hope that helps!



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