I’m sure you guys have already seen this already…but I just love this!  I am such a Child of the 80’s.LOL

Photographer: Josh Olins

Styling: Clare Richardson

Models: Lily Donaldson and Liya Kebede

In the March issue of V MAGAZINE (#64), we are treated to this colorful, graphic, 80’s-inspired style spread with two of fashion’s most famous faces.

From the press release:

Inspired by the famed hip-hop girl group Salt-n-Pepa, this 10-page fashion spread showcases the style that helped propel the female act to fame in the 80’s and 90’s.

No rules, no limits. Grandmistresses of flash Liya and Lily are taking cues from rap’s female greats for an explosion of prints, platforms, sequins, and crimped hair. Yo. Can you handle it?

So colorful. So nuts.  And brimming with ideas for DIY – albeit requiring a little toning down.;-)  Those yellow platform sneaks are reDUNKulous.

How do you guys respond to this?  Is it bringing out the 80’s gal in you?






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