From The Daily’s Beauty Bar:

*a Rowenta-branded garment bag
*I Love Cafe Bustelo fabric tote
*Cafe Bustelo Coffee drink
*$50 gift certificate to Townhouse Spa

Another one of those head-scratchers: a capsule of pure saffron threads, from the Leifsdottir show.  Now I know they’re pretty expensive as culinary additives go…and you can dye fabric with them….but I’m still a little clueless as to how they relate to the show/collection/theme/brand.  Hmmmm.

And – the absolute pinnacle of the tidal wave of free stuff…the item of swag that eclipses every single other thing in its utter awesomeness…

An HD Flip Mino, courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger.

Again, burbling and gibbering on my part.  How I wish I had had this not at the end of the week, just before the last show!  (I had only managed to take a couple videos on my Blackberry before the whole video function died.  Well, I think I deleted some critical .dat file from the Blackberry during an upload, but I still don’t know what I did or how to fix it so that I can take videos on it again.)

But a Flipcam!  Staggering.  Now to figure out how to use it.:-)
I feel so incredibly lucky to be doing this!  I feel so amazingly fortunate to be working with my editor and with

Thank you Lesley!  You rock.;-)


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