Stuck in the hotel room recuperating from a bad reaction to the sleeping pills I took on the plane, I unfortunately ended up missing all the shows I had intended to go to Saturday.  Even though I wasn’t there, I thought since the kind companies sent me an invite; the least I could do would be to post some coverage for them.

From the PR company:

Irina Shabayeva, the season six winner of Project Runway, debuted her Fall 2010 collection on Saturday, February 13th during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at SIR Stage 37. Freedom and the un-tethered journey of flight set Shabayeva on a course to create a fantasy of intricate beading, textile construction and exotic materials. Hand sewn creations of soft cashmeres, silk-screened and hand- painted wools were showcased side-by-side with structurally sculpted bodices and flight inspired flounces.
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“Materials ranged from natural to industrial as creations were swirled in feathers and patterns only born in nature. Tupperware-engineered materials provided the hard edges and solid structures delicately balanced with luxurious materials like cashmere, supple leathers, double faced wool and fur. An unusual partnership with an alternative view to fashion and design allowed Shabayeva to join Tupperware’s effort of inspiring women around the world through confidence and empowerment.

“Knowing that Tupperware is so passionate about empowering women, it was easy to implement an element of determination into the clothing,” states Shabayeva. “To me, fashion and the design process is liberating, fun and empowering.”

“When we saw Irina on Project Runway, we were simply in awe of her of talent and vision,” said Tupperware Brands’ Chairman and CEO Rick Goings. “As a company that has long been focused on innovative design, we’re thrilled to work with someone who is forward-thinking and whose work is so inspiring.”

Highlights from the Fall collection include intricate hand-painted prints, pheasant feather dresses and custom made aviator hats. A strapless white cocktail dress made from 8 different wings of Tupperware materials impressed attendees along with a black glider with hand carved leather wing paired with leather panel pants.

I personally love her stuff; I’m amazed at her versatility and range – and how much of this is incredibly wearable.  And to think Tupperware is incorporated into the pieces??  (It ain’t your mama’s plastic any more!) I can’t wait to see how she grows and matures as a designer.

What do you guys think?


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