Amai Unmei revealed a collection awash in blues, greens, and silvers, very reminiscent of the ocean. All created in silk (with many of the coats in an animal-friendly silk where the silkworms are not killed by steaming prior to emerging from the cocoons), the collection was girly and fun. Standouts were the gorgeous shades of periwinkle near the end, draped into lights and floaty dresses. Amai Unmei is all manufactured in Portland, and has recently opened a new retail store at 2275 NW Johnson, though pieces are available for purchase on their website. Designer Allison Covington loves working with individual customers and often spends time in the stores that sell her pieces to interact with the women who enjoy her clothes. She says the message of Amai Unmei is to “Have fun!” and you can really see it in the flirty, light creations she sent down the runway.

-Carly J. Cais


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