I dyed my hair for my upcoming trip. L’Oreal Feria in #74 Copper Shimmer.

I never dyed my hair consistently until last year, when I chopped my waist-length hair off and went short.  For 6 months I was having trouble styling it, and finally I found this really awesome stylist last February who suggested coloring my hair, to plump up the hair shaft and damage the follicle a bit.  Apparently damaged hair holds style far better than virgin hair – which is what mine was, being that I never dyed it because I liked my natural color so much.  But my hair is thin, limp, and has no body or volume – and won’t hold any style (no matter how little or how much) styling products I use…everything would fall flat after about an hour or so.  So my stylist gave me the same color as my natural color, just punched up a bit to make it brighter.  She also gave me lovely streaky platinum-blond highlights.

This is about $200 and 2 weeks later – after the red faded.  Red shades (both natural and from the salon) fade very quickly, so again this time I chose a super-bright shade that will fade to…well, back to my natural color over the course of a few weeks.

I’m also playing around with makeup a little; normally I wouldn’t do such a red lip, but I think I kind of like it with the punchy hair and eyeliner.

In other news, my trip to New York for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (as they require all us journalists to refer to it) is so close I can almost taste it!

Tuesday we head to Hawaii first for a wedding we have to go to, then Friday I hop a plane from Honolulu to New York, leaving my family on vacation in Hawaii!  (I’m now super-scared of flying, thanks to Hub who has these past 4 months, been watching every reenactment of every flight crash in the history of aviation, for his pilot training.  I wasn’t always jittery about flying, but after months of me sewing away diligently on my machine, with “And the passengers of TSA Flight72 never knew that an even greater nightmare awaited them in the murky waters of the Florida Everglades below, as the plane barrelled into the swamp, the fuselage breaking into strips and the nose of the 747 crumpling upon impact”….and screams and sounds of crashing and burning going on behind me….literally for hours on end as Hub watched successive videos on Youtube and whatnot…I’ve become a little paranoid!  At least when I ask, “um, when was that crash?” usually it’s like 1972, 1994, 1989, etc.  Apparently the vast majority of air disasters are attributed to human error, and/or mechanical failure.  But mostly human error.  I’m not sure if that makes me feel any better.:-/

So, switching gears…

Does anyone have any suggestions for great places to shop (cheap, trendy) – yummy cheap places to eat – must-sees in the Big Apple?

On my list of cool spots is Century21, Metalliferous, Albertine, M & J Trimming, Opening Ceremony, Bird, TG-170, Pixie Market, What Goes Around Comes Around, Seven, and Patricia Field.  Any place you gals would recommend?

And I plan to bring my camera and get some cool boutique shots for the ol’ blog!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

And here’s a little budget travel tip I found out today:

I’ve been requiring sample-sized products for my trip – but Target and other places only sell small-sized products I don’t want.  Some of the products I use regularly are in large, pressurized canisters and I don’t want to chance taking them on an airplane lest they burst, and squeezing them out into smaller bottles will cause them to break down.  (Like my Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming Moisturizer– it will turn from a frothy foam into a liquid if I dispense it into a small jar or something.  So it stays home!) Sephora has a great selection of small-sized goods but they can be so pricey!  So I just ask them for samples of stuff I don’t have – a scrub, a moisturizer, whatever (I always have a product I intend to buy in my hand so the associate knows I’m not just using them for their samples)…and they’ll make up a sample with a clean jar and just squeeze product out of the tester!!  I had thought they would only give samples of pre-packaged products – but no, they’ll make the sample for you, so if you’re going on a short trip then a sample-size of moisturizer or something will definitely last!  I also scored some Chanel brightening moisturizer at the counter today when I picked up their nail polish in Particuliere (more about that later!) – so I’m totally set in the way of products.  Definitely try it out if you haven’t before!



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