What do we all think? Is it screaming Parisian chic! to you? (Of course, I’m no authority, having never been to the lovely city of light, but have any of you been? Is this Paris style or just a cheap, Forever 21 version of it?)


Now despite it being un-fashionable (and maybe a tad immoral?) to love Forever 21 design I have to say they always come up with things I’m gaga about. I’m loving the printed, piped trenchcoat, lacy umbrella, and black-and-white oxford heels (none of which are available online yet – here’s hoping!), but the whole collection feels a little burlesque to me. Maybe it’s the see-thru striped over-the-knee socks, or just the hemlines I’m having a problem with. (Of course, my image of Parisian chic usually involves skirts slightly longer, and yes, over-the-knee hose in some rare cases…but said hose must be opaque. I stand by this!) I feel almost like there’s too much skin showing for it to be “chic.”

What are your thoughts? Are you buying it?

Available now at Forever21 stores and online

And I truly am digging the lace umbrella, though the beautiful flowered umbrella below feels more “Paris” to me.
Roses Umbrella, $19.95 (sale), Signals.com 


I can just myself in a little beret, with this slung over my arm and my other arm around a brown crackly paper bag, baguette sticking out the top…or in my case, it would be beret fallen off my head into a puddle, squirming toddler under the other arm, toddler-fodder gnawed bread in a crushed heap at the bottom of my bag. But at least my umbrella would be an imaginary whiff of Paris!;-)






-Carly J. Cais




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