Have you heard of ken & dana design and their b-side battle??

You haven’t???

Well, ken & dana design is a funky web store that specializes in handmade, unique jewelry – offering pieces ranging from the romantic to the avant-garde. They utilize mixed metals, draped chains, semi-precious gemstones, and natural elements to create lines BYLU and b-side, reflecting the grit and glamour of the urban environment. Designers Ken Leung and Dana Chin got their start by way of a fortuitous meeting with Doo.Ri one day – and ended up creating pieces for her runway shows (that’s shows, plural), collaborating on producing showstopping pieces that provide the perfect accent to Doo.Ri’s sculptural, feminine aesthetic.

Their b-side design battle was inspired by New York City’s “Art Battles,” where the designers are challenge themselves to come up with some off-the-dome design.

Each week they design a new work and feature it for a special price (always under $150) for one week ONLY.

For this week only, the gorgeous Natural Rough Amethyst and Crystal Pendant
above is only $55!

Now, as all of you are probably already aware, I am a sucker for anything sparkly, rough-hewn, asymmetrical – and anything that pairs organic materials with metal. This pendant fits the bill to a T – and I’m already imagining mine twinkling out from beneath a looped beige chunky scarf with gold flecks, layered over a white wifebeater (totally an un-PC name, but you get the idea)…or paired over a vintage flowered dress and layered with some extra-long chains in oxidized gunmetal.

Definitely visit the ken & dana design website (it’s a site inspiring and amazing with its use of eye-catching graphics and fun visuals) and scoop up the Amethyst Pendant while you can…and sign up for their email alerts to hear about the next unique piece offered up for their weekly b-side design battle.

Battle on, design trailblazers, battle on.
-Carly J. Cais


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