Isn’t Etsy just about the most fabulous invention ever?? I have likely spent a small fortune purchasing from the designers directly through the Etsy interface – and even just browsing and drooling over the mass creativity showcased there takes up a large portion of my time.

I’m in a gray, shapeless, non-definitive mood, and these pricey picks are what I’m lusting after as of late.

Swing Jacket, $64.50, simplecut (one of the more affordable pieces in this melange)


TrainHoops, $195, dmdmetal 

Periwinkle Fringe Necklace, $50, lulugraceloves (ooh! I can buy this…but just the blue fringe necklace and not all the other necklaces, which really make the whole look:-(




Since most of these fabulous finds I can’t really afford right now, perhaps I’ll tide myself over with this hauntingly, achingly beautiful print that reminds me of both the beginning and the end of a journey:

Forces of Enchantment Fine Art Print, $25, couragemylove

Anything neat on Etsy that you guys have found lately?



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