Yes, that’s right – I’ve added TWO new colors to the range of faux furs I stock for my tails and puffs in my Etsy store.  (And coming in the New Year…BAGS!!)

So many customers have requested black fur, but I haven’t found a pure black faux fur that is as high-quality as my other furs.  What I could find, however, is a fur that has a midnight black fuzzy base, with longer light brown/blond hairs sprinkled throughout.  It’s very plush and realistic.

Inspired by Prada’s line of brightly-colored fur accessories, I’ve also stocked a Limited-Edition Crimson fur for the holidays!  I only have 1 yard of this, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!  It’s of the same style of fur as my White tails, with long, wispy hairs. It’s very light and airy.

I’m now offering Puffs, Medium-sized Tails, and Full-Sized Tails in my Etsy shop, in all 6 colors including the new Black and Crimson

Please check it out – or send it to your friends if you think they’d be interested!

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