piling on the necklaces…

Seriously, up until Summer ’09 when I thought of J. Crew…well, what sprung to mind wasn’t “trendy” or “fashionable”…I’m sorry to say it was more like “staples” and “fusty.” (I love that word…learned it from that old Judy Blume classic Just As Long As We’re Together.) Silly old me.

what a fabulous idea: pairing old rolled-up sweats with pretty cardigan and rhinestones!

But when I received their August ’09 catalog, I literally gasped.

I wanted pretty much everything on each page.

perfect lighting and khakis punched up with multi-necklaces and bright blue…

Everything. And I am not a J. Crew person (though I did attend a college where everyone was swathed from head to toe in J.Crew for some inexplicable reason…these were the days when J. Crew was the Prince of Preppiness) but suffice it to say, I drooled over this catalog.

The photography, the redesigned “staples,” the eye candy jewelry…but more so the styling! Oh, the styling!

collegiate Russian princess layering on her jewels? Check! (All images above from JCrew.com)

The multi-layered necklaces, ankle socks with mismatched pastels, shoe clips, flowery embellishments…

boxers layered under shorts and then cuffed onto the outside? I gotta get me some of those!

wearing a tie over a ruffled blouse? Brilliant!
and this flower necklace thing??? GORGE!

All other images found via Alice in Wonderland


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