Merona fedora with DIY rings and ribbon added, Forever 21 ruffled top, Anthropologie wool bow vest, Vintage U.S. Navy boiled wool men’s pants

In October of last year I received an email from an editorial assistant at a major U.S. magazine.  I mean, major! They wanted some photos from me, as a style blogger, to illustrate my take on menswear for women, which would potentially run in a small feature in their January 2011 issue.  I was floored and so incredibly honored that they had reached out to me, of all people!!  So I put together some looks, shot some photos, and sent them.  For months afterwards I kept it to myself for the most part…but kept muttering to myself under my breath: “OMG I’m going to be in ______!!!!” And then I squeeeeed a bit.  Okay, I’m still 5 years old in some ways.;-)

Well, sadly in the January issue they decided not to use any of the photos I sent them.  Bummer.  It happens!  But ohwell, at least I now have a couple neat photos I can share with you! (And a couple of DIY items in there as well…)

Just my ideas of a feminine take on “menswear” (though as I was going back through my photos, I decided to poke some fun at myself and add silly titles).

Mafia Don

RyRy wool camel coat, Steve Madden cashmere scarf, boys’ silk bow tie (thrifted), Victoria’s Secret shirt with shoulder-ties, silver Tiffany Atlas ring, Forever 21 houndstooth vest-belt, Banana Republic  wool pants (thrifted), Alloy velvet heels.

12-Year-Old Schoolboy

Lil Tot’s suspenders, burnout cotton tee, Forever 21 tank watch, Jeans Warehouse glen plaid shorts, cable-knit socks, Maison Gilfy foldover shoe booties, cigarette case as purse [no, I don’t smoke and never have; I just like the tiny case as an understated purse]

1930’s Banker

Boiled wool hat with feather detail, Tommy Hilfiger silk striped tie (was my dad’s), burnout cotton tee, vintage vest, pants (thrifted), and red velvet shoes (thrifted), DIY vintage pocket-watch necklace pinned to vest


Lil Tot’s diamond-detail knit sweater-vest, thrifted Barney’s New York men’s shirt made into a ruffled top, Guess velour belt, Wet Seal pinstripe capris, vintage perforated-detail oxfords and clutch (thrifted), DIY half-scoop leather gloves

Are there any looks that you could see yourself wearing?  How do you interpret menswear into your own outfits?


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