As Know As de Base dress, carved quartz heart-shaped ring I bought at a gem show in Portland, silvertone watch, DIY magazine clutch, SPANX tights, Maison Gilfy peeptoe booties.

I love this dress with all my heart. As Know As de Base is a teensy weensy little Japanese brand actually manufactured in Japan (!); a rarity nowadays. They make everything out of Roppongi, and it’s kind of expensive because everything’s made in small runs. (There are a number of brands under the As Know As umbrella; de Base is one of the more trendy ones.) The dress is cotton and silk, and couldn’t be more gorgeous – it has a little apron-like thing in the front, that is only anchored on one side. (I think I’ll sew down the other side since it has this tendency to pile over onto one side of the drawstring as I walk.) I took a photo to show the lovely double-front – you can cinch each separate drawstring in the bust to create a different look depending on if you want it tighter or want your whole front hanging out.;-)

The clutch I just picked up a long envelope-style white thing from Target for like $10 on sale…and then glued the front of one of my magazine covers to it. (I could have made the magazine clutch from scratch, but I’m just too darn lazy.) Extra points if you know which magazine I used! (I *was* searching for a vintage French Vogue on Ebay that might appeal, and then I was like “I don’t even read French, let alone French Vogue,” so I decided to use what I do read.)
I also love Maison Gilfy to death…their stuff is the perfect blend of hard-edged, trendy, and tongue-in-cheek… I know it’s hard to tell with all the black, but the booties have this spike 4″ heel on the back, and the top folds down – you wear them permanently folded (though I guess you *could* wear them laced up the ankle if you wanted) and they have double laces. As soon as I saw a shopgirl wearing them I had to buy them – and congratulated myself on finding them for 11,000 yen ($111) on sale from 13,500 ($137)…and then after I bought them saw the knockoffs for 6192 yen ($62) from RyuRyu, I think (but I could be wrong; it might have been Kawaism)….nope it was Venti Anni, and they’re still available, but they only ship to a Japanese addy.) Go fig. But check out Maison Gilfy’s website to look out their clothes and awesome shoes anyway! **Maison Gilfy will only ship you stuff if you have a shipping address in Japan. So buy on your trips to Tokyo!


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