1.9.13outfit_1Rose Cabochon Rhinestone Earrings: DIY

Beige Infinity Scarf: Steve Madden

Floral Applique Cardigan: DIY

Heattech Long-Sleeved Crew Neck T-shirt (worn under): UNIQLO

Funnel-Neck Wool-Blend Walker in Black/White: Nine West, c/o GigaSavvy

Rings: Cartier, Tiffany, maygloba, mocha, unknown, custom-made

Oatmeal Knit Wooden Dowel Clutch: DIY

Pleated Twill Skirt: Gap (old)

Hot Pink Tights: Alloy (similar here)

Lace-Front Rain Boots: dav (a HauteLook purchase)

Manicure: Essie Lilacism

   Of course, on the day I want to break out my new lovely Prada-Inspired Rose Cabochon Rhinestone Earrings, it would be raining most of the day.  Of course.1.9.13outfit_cu

It did stop a little for when I snapped these photos, but it was still drizzling here and there.

1.9.13outfit_faceSo despite the gloomy typical-for-Portland January weather, I decide to come up all roses with my outfit. 😉

1.9.13outfit_3My new favorite rhinestone cab earrings look really retro so I styled this very demurely…but you could totally go the other direction and go high-glam with these babies!  To play up on the flower motif I paired it with my Floral Applique Cardigan I made last Spring (over a UNIQLO Heattech top…I swear these things add a much-needed layer that is surprisingly warm, and perfect for those wet, icky days), and matching hot pink tights.

1.9.13outfit_2Ah, these tights.

I got in trouble for wearing them, my first real job out of college when I worked as an administrative assistant and graphic designer at a ballet school.  The Office Manager was a very difficult person to work with and even told the owners numerous times that she hated me.  (The owners chalked it up to jealousy and said, “She only has a high school diploma, and here you are out of college and computer-savvy and everything, and she’s threatened.”)  She had been there 8 years and had helped the school during some rough times, so she garnered a lot of respect [and maybe fear…?] from the owners.  But she dressed in turtlenecks and baggy, shapeless pants every day.  I was 22 and tried to mix it up with my fashion and dress “fun” since the students were all under the age of 16, but the day I wore these pink tights I got called into the Head of School’s office, who advised me that the Office Manager had complained to them about my hot pink tights.  The owners told me my tights were not suitable for the office since they had a professional image to maintain, and I shouldn’t wear them since the Office Manager really took issue with them and “we don’t want to set her off.”  (Though I was only visible from the waist up while in the office since there was a counter and a window that the students would come to, heh heh.)  So from that day on I wore turtlenecks and baggy, shapeless pants, in order to appease the Manager! 🙂  Though these tights are really bright and at the time I did agree with the owners (and still do!), I still find it somewhat ironic that I got in trouble for wearing pink tights…at a ballet school.  I guess they just preferred tights not this pink!1.9.13outfit_cu2

The bag I knitted myself back in 2006, if I can remember correctly…it’s similar to a Margaret Nicole Knitted Clutch that Carrie used on an episode in Sex in the City.  I don’t remember exactly how many stitches I knitted when I made it, but here is a pretty good tutorial that approximates these knitted knitting-needle clutches.  (And funnily enough I came across a thread I started on Craftster about how to knit the side panels!!  Ah, the Internet.  Forever and ever, amen.)  My version I lined with a piece of satin (just sewn in on the sewing machine), and added a barette I painted gold to the front.  It’s a little floppy and hard to open completely because I just sewed the sides together, but it’s workable!

1.9.13outfit_bagThese are my go-to rain boots through the whole Winter in Portland.  And you could totally DIY something similar: just buy a plain pair of rain boot, pierce holes in them (not where you expect to get rain splashed, LOL), and set some large grommets in them with an oversized grommet setter.  Thread through a black shoelace and you have your own pair of DIY Lace-Up Rain Boots!1.9.13outfit_hair

My hair I started off with a roll from each temple back, and secured with a clip (I totally forget what brand it is; I bought it before 2000…).  I was thinking of just wearing the rest of my hair down, but somehow the prim-ness of the outfit needed a prim and proper hairstyle!  So I pulled the rest of my hair back in a low pony, and twisted the pony around itself as if I was going to make a bun…then let it roll into an elongated figure-8, and secured with a couple bobby pins and some hair spray.  It was a little messy by the time I put on and took off my scarf, but it worked!

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far!

Stay chic~



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