Designer Modi Soondaratok’s inspiration came from lace; the history of lace and the femininity of it; the structure of lace itself, and the dedication of the many generations of women who wove it in her native village in Thailand. Utilizing mostly hand-woven cottons and silks from Thailand, she both supports the villagers there and supports cottage inductry here in the U.S. by only employing home-based sewers to create the line. Using pleating, tiers, draping, and tying to construct her sophisticated pieces, she appeals to the fashion-forward, well-traveled, modern woman, who likes to purchase clothing that has a story behind it. She believes that the world is a global community and that we have to create a more in-depth perception of where things come from, which she aims to elaborate through her clothing. Visit the website at, or visit the Portland-based boutique at 1600 NE Alberta Street, Portland Oregon 97211.

-Carly J. Cais


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