Nike as a company has set the laudable goals of becoming completely sustainable within the next ten years, both in business practices and in materials they use, and are actively working towards this. (Kudos!) “Nike Considered” is actually going to soon drop the “Considered” from their name (which used to designate their distinction from the clothing under the regular “Nike” label). They are not even a separate division within Nike; in fact, the only way to tell that your Nike-branded clothing is manufactured with sustainable materials is to look at the label. (Now that’s missing a major marketing opportunity, IMHO.) Their eco-friendly apparel is not particularly distinguishable from their “non-eco-friendly apparel” (NEFA? gotta find a shorter term for this) in either look or aesthetic…since they manufacture both men’s and women’s apparel, there were some hot male models on the runways, followed by “cute sportswear for women” (which pretty much sums up the Nike brand in a nutshell). Below, the women’s looks from Nike’s show (and I swear, you’ll never tell the difference between the shots I snapped and the shots provided by pro photographers):

(the first two wonky-looking photos from us, the rest of the uber-fabulous photos from the incomparable Pete Kim. Thanks Pete!)

Alula, May Tee, and Sameunderneath coverage coming in the following posts…

-Carly J. Cais


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