DIY Memorial Day and Labor Day Dress Made from a Sheet – Finally, the Pattern!

Awhile ago I posted some photos of a dress I made for my Labor Day Party – which was nothing more than a sheet cut apart and sewn together artfully to make a finished dress.

I made it from a light chambray-colored sheet I found at my local Goodwill, cutting it apart in a way to utilize the finished hems. 

It’s breezy, nautical, and chic – a perfect way to end the Summer…or commemorate the START of Summer on Memorial Day!

So what I made it for Labor Day…I think it works equally well as a breezy dress no matter what the day – so I’m wearing it for my Memorial Day barbecue too!

Download the DIY Labor Day Cascading Ruffles Bedsheet Dress Pattern (354 KB)

Whether it’s Labor Day, Memorial Day, or any other day, this pretty dress with cascading ruffles can be customized to any style depending on your sheet and your use of trims; mine is a chambray sheet with striped grosgrain ribbon trim and rope ties; you could also do a white sheet with lacy trim and satin ties for a completely different look!

Any questions on the pattern/instructions – let me know! I’m happy to help:-)

Happy DIY’ing!


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DIY Vinyl Eyelash Applique T-Shirt

0.DIYeyelashappliquetshirt_introWow, that title looks weird when you write it out like that;-) But there’s really no other way to describe this!

Have you noticed that over the past year or so, there have been a ton of women’s tops that highlight the boobage area? Like this one, this one, or this one, for example. Perhaps Wildfox started it off with their double ice cream tees back in 2010. (I even made a similar DIY Ice Cream Applique Tee inspired by that very trend!)

However, I wanted to make something with stark contrast, that was a little slick and a little sweet at the same time.  Sleepy eyelash eye masks have always been a favorite of mine, so I decided to re-create that effect onto a T-shirt, with some shiny vinyl PVC.  It’s adorbs (and yes, highlights the chest area, LOL). And if you have a sewing machine, it’s so easy. Here’s how:

You Need: (more…)

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