Wigs.com 5-Day Sale: Get Your Own Clip-In Bangs for 25% Off!

Some of you may have noticed the clip-in bangs I wear often – I love them soooo much!

They’re so easy to attach – feel incredibly realistic – give me full, luscious bangs without the commitment – and the color is a perfect match for me!  They’re actually from the Hairdo line by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves – and I couldn’t be happier with the quality (and the price – a mere $29!!)

I bought mine from Wigs.com (color: R29S) – and paid full price…but for the next 5 DAYS they’re having a site-wide sale and you can get these bangs for yourself for only $21.75!

I also scooped up the Wrap-Around Pony [tail] at the discounted price…can’t wait to try this style out as I’ve been dying to do a long, sleek ponytail (and my hair is still a little too short to do this).

But of course, anything you buy at Wigs.com is subject to 25% off!

Just enter APRILSALE at checkout to receive 25% off all products!!

Valid until Tuesday, April 19.


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Clip-In Hair Extensions from Japan: Formspring.me Question

Priscilla-brand Clip-In Curly Wigpiece

from Formspring.me:

Hi there, I have been reading your blog for a while now and quick question. I don’t read or speak Japanese but think I might like a clip in ‘curly’ extension if it is indeed curly. Checked site mentioned but very lost. Any ideas for my language barrier?

Did you know you can access Rakuten.com in English? (If that’s the site you were referring to…) Or try reading the site through Google Translate? (http://translate.google.com/)

However the wig pieces appear in the photos is how they look straight out of the package; there usually isn’t any false advertising when it comes to stuff from Japan (probably because consumers won’t tolerate it!). I personally love the Priscilla brand because I find it’s high-quality, usually heat-tolerant, and I found one of their colors is a perfect match for my natural color. If you’re looking for the clip-in curly extensions, they’re called “Eriashi Wig” (エリ足ウィッグ) or “Mecha Raku Ekusute” (めちゃ楽エクステ) but I don’t see any available that are reaaaallly curly, so I’m not sure just how curly you’re looking for.  Wigland (http://www.rakuten.co.jp/wigland/) is my fave one-stop shop for all my hair-pieces; maybe you could browse around in there to see if you see anything you like? (English interface: http://search.borderless.rakuten.com/borderless/search.action?l=en&sid=wigland&tl=0&p=1&vm=2&f=0&sm=0&k=&fs=1)

Good luck!

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Where’s My Red Hair From?

from Formspring.me:
Hi Carly! I just found your blog yesterday and I loved it so much I have been going through all your old posts! (Is that creepy? haha) This may seem a bit strange, but I was wondering if you are Irish. I LOVE your red hair!
The Internet is probably the best place for creepiness! Thanks for your kind words about my blog:-)
I am ethnically Scottish/Danish/Norwegian/Czechoslovakian. (“Cais” is a Czech name.) But both my parents are Australians and I was born in the U.S., so I was originally American/Australian… Well, technically American now since I dropped the Australian nationality off my passport (I have only visited there a couple times and though all my relatives are there, I really just identify as American).
The red hair probably comes from the Scottish and the Czech sides of my family; apparently I have a second cousin in the Czech Republic who has hair the exact same color as mine. It’s tough to keep vibrant during the winter – and as the years go by!! :..(
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Summer Hair Styling Tips

vivi magazine
Add a brooch to a folded wide scarf for a headband-look.  (Fold scarf into about 3″ wide to replicate this.)

I know you guys are probably completely sick of my going on and on about my favorite magazine Vivi, but I thought this particular editorial on styling with hair accessories was really useful.  With summer here I’m suffering from bad hair day after bad hair day (what with the hot, dry Oregon summer and me growing my hair out n all) – so hair accessories for me a MUST to induce a little bit of chic-ness into my outfit when everything on my head has fallen flat.

So here you go – I made these extra big so you can click on them and enlarge to see the how-to.  Hope this is helpful and gives you some styling ideas!

vivi magazine
Bohemian-style hair: using an elasticized headband and a flower headband.

vivi magazine

Using scarves: 1) Regular Bow (uses 30″ square scarf) and Big Bow (uses 69″ long scarf) , 2) Petite Ponytail Scarf (uses 19″ square scarf), 3) Turban (uses 63″ long scarf)

from Vivi Magazine August issue


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Formspring.me Question: Summer Hats and Headscarves

img from giftofhair.org

from formspring.me (continued from an earlier question):

I will be shaving my head in a couple of weeks for charity and as I will be pretty much bald (eek!) I was wondering if you had any ideas for cool hats or headscarves to cover me up during the hot summer. For more info on the cause visit my blog: www.susanna-d.blogspot.com

Wow!  Good for you!  That takes guts to do, though it’s certainly for a great cause.

If you’re looking to cover up and aren’t into purchasing a wig while waiting for your hair to grow back, either a hat or a head-scarf (or a combination of the two!) will probably be your best bet.

Hats and Scarves

clockwise, from green hat:

Right now is a really great time for hats, as Target currently is stocking their Eugenia Kim for Target line of stylish, chic hats – for a fraction of the cost of what Eugenia Kim hats usually sell for.  Kim, who shaved her head after suffering a bad haircut, found there was such a lack of stylish headgear on the market that she designed her own cover-up.  Thus, she’s certainly no stranger to your dilemma – and I love that this wide-brimmed straw hat has its own scarf built in to it – an added plus.  This green fedora is super-cute and city sassy, which would look great paired with a floaty tee and bermuda shorts.  You could also try different shapes to see what works with your body type and style; military-style caps, wide sunhats, and boater hats are all on-trend options.

If you’re uncomfortable about a lack of hairline showing, then a head-scarf underneath your hat may be a good (though warm) choice.  You could also, of course, wear the head-scarf on its own, tied in a chignon, bow, or donut shape.  A fun print (like this monotone faces print) can look summery or sophisticated depending on how you tie it.  Here is a video showing 3 variations of tying a head scarf and here is a list of links to other headscarf-tying resources.  If you’re daring, you could also try a turban, though you’d have to pick and choose your coordinating outfit carefully to avoid it looking too matronly.

A cloche is always a great option since it covers your head completely, though they’re often made of felt and may be too warm for summer.  A cloche-shaped straw hat, though, has a slightly retro-feminine feel to it, and looks super-sweet with any casual, breezy outfit.  As the weather cools down you can also go for bucket-shaped and fuller hats made of thicker materials.  Small details like ribbon trim, a flower or rhinestone clip, bows, or tiny fabric flowers elevate something that looks like you’re desperately trying to cover your head up…to a stylish accessory in your ensemble.

Excellent sources of such accoutrements (besides the obvious like department stores or boutiques) are places that specialize in headgear for people who have suffered hair loss for medical reasons, like chemotherapy, alopecia, or trichotillomania.  Headcovers Unlimited and Hat, Scarves, and More are two great online places to start.  (The reversible soft hats from Just In Time are super-chic too!) And since I’m suck a DIY maniac, I might try my hand at sewing up my own head-covering, choosing from the wide variety of patterns for hats and scarves from Brimming with Love.

As always, the more confidence you have, the less people will notice any lack of hair – and most people will just assume any head-covering is part of your stylichly chic ensemble anyway!
Best of luck-

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