vivi magazine
Add a brooch to a folded wide scarf for a headband-look.  (Fold scarf into about 3″ wide to replicate this.)

I know you guys are probably completely sick of my going on and on about my favorite magazine Vivi, but I thought this particular editorial on styling with hair accessories was really useful.  With summer here I’m suffering from bad hair day after bad hair day (what with the hot, dry Oregon summer and me growing my hair out n all) – so hair accessories for me a MUST to induce a little bit of chic-ness into my outfit when everything on my head has fallen flat.

So here you go – I made these extra big so you can click on them and enlarge to see the how-to.  Hope this is helpful and gives you some styling ideas!

vivi magazine
Bohemian-style hair: using an elasticized headband and a flower headband.

vivi magazine

Using scarves: 1) Regular Bow (uses 30″ square scarf) and Big Bow (uses 69″ long scarf) , 2) Petite Ponytail Scarf (uses 19″ square scarf), 3) Turban (uses 63″ long scarf)

from Vivi Magazine August issue



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