Review: Sip x Swell Ecofriendly Bottle

FTC Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary bottle from S’ipxS’well for review purposes. The below opinions are my own. I have not been otherwise compensated for this post. My full Disclosure Policy is here.


You may have already heard about S’well, an innovative stainless steel water bottle in a variety of fun prints that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, and gives back to the community by partnering with charity partners. (They also have a super-cute dedicated cleaning brush + brush-stand that I wish I had had all these years for cleaning out all my pesky water bottles in the past!)

But have you heard of S’well’s sister line, S’ip by S’well? Available at Target in a 15oz size, S’ip x S’well comes in 19 fun colors and patterns and retails for $24.99.


These bottles are a super-easy shape to grip – look chic whether on your desk or in your gym bag – and do indeed keep your drink at the correct temperature for an unbelievably long time. Hello, Summer workout partner!



Hydration becomes fun – and beautiful – with S’ip x S’well. Check them out at Target, or online here:

S’ip x S’well Official Website



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Chic Steal for Earth Day: A Hybrid Car


I’m just kidding.

Though hybrid cars are not considered a steal per se, I felt slightly eco-friendly when I bought this one. I researched them thoroughly, decided on a Honda, and met with some private sellers and a dealership to find the perfect car for me (and my budget). I negotiated, said no to a lot of unnecessary extras, and ended up driving away in a used 2011 Honda Insight, the first car that I myself bought with my own money and of my own decisions.

In the end, the disposal of the batteries with their heavy metals, and the environmental impact of mining for said heavy metals, may not make hybrid vehicles completely “eco-friendly” in a true sense. They are cars after all. But when I think of the monthly savings in gasoline (38-43 mpg vs. my current Mazda CX-9’s 18-20 mpg) hybrids are very, very attractive to me (and my long commute into work and taking my son to school).

I bought it yesterday last night just as the dealership was about to close. It runs smooth and quiet and hums along and the engine turns off at inexplicable times. Plus, it’s gray. And I love it because it’s ALL MINE.

Huge changes are happening around here, which is why I’ve been unable to update my blog lately. I’m still here. I’ll be back soon.

Once I sell my 2008 Mazda CX-9 8-seater, which is all clean and detailed and ready to be put on Cragislist.

Happy Earth Day, friends! To change…for the more eco-friendly.

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Re-use, Repurpose, and Re/Up-cycle for Earth Day 2011

I’ve shared so many tutorials on this blog about remaking items you may already have in your closet, I just wanted to share them again!  (Re-use of an idea – haha!  Totally green!😉 )  So here are some of my favorite past projects from the last year or so, that give new life to old items!

Upcycled Men’s Shirts

I Love NY Tote

(from a t-shirt)

Convertible Skirt

(from 3 button-downs)

Corseted Tee

(from a t-shirt)

Happy Ice Cream Shirt

(from a t-shirt)

Summer Tank Dress

(from a tanktop + t-shirt)

Ruffled Top

(from a button-down)

Jumpsuit Romper

(from a button-down)

Bow Tunic Dress

(from a long-sleeved top)

Repurposed Jewelry

Acrylic Bib Necklace

(from a purse handle)

Boho Bangles

(from curtain rings)

Spiked Crystal Ring

(from a rhinestone ring)

Woven Shape Pin

(from a ribbon)

Recycled Accessories

Alexander Wang Stirrup Socks

(from old socks)

Givenchy Spiked Headband

(from an old headband)

Wired Rabbit Ears Headband

(from a handkerchief)

Bra Strap Applique Headband

(from a bra strap)

Chic-ified Clothing

Woven Ribbon Sweater

(add ribbon)

Elastic-Band Skirt

(from a pillowcase)

Petal-Front Top

(add silk flower petals)

Hybrid Sweater

(from 2 sweaters)

And also, some of my recent projects:

I made this pyramid-studded zip clutch following the same directions for my DIY Laptop Sleeve from a Leather Jacket tutorial from last year – except this time I added a gigantic pyramid stud (1″ wide!) to the front, and a zipper as the closure.

You could of course make this zippered pouch out of any material you want – including fabric, a pillowcase, an old towel, vinyl, or even from a Dollar Store faux leather placemat!!

I also found a pair of leather pants at the Goodwill, and hacked off the legs, glued and sewed the hems, and hemmed the lining to create the perfect pair of leather shorts (for a mere $14.99 – which was the cost of the pants!  And now I have all that extra leather I cut off to make other projects…)

(I know, it seems sort of hypocritical to highlight projects for Earth Day that use leather – considering most conventionally-made leather is tanned and finished with environmentally-unfriendly chemicals…to say nothing of the environmental impact that a single cow raised on a factory farm makes…but at least it’s an option for what to do with leather items that are sitting at thrift stores or languishing in your closet or just being thrown away…)

What will you do this Earth Day? Make something, recycle something, plant something, use less electricity or water, cook a vegetarian meal?

Do tell!  And have a Happy Earth Day!



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