DIY Balenciaga Cut-Out Boots

             This is a long tutorial, so please bear with me!:-)

I’ve had to divide it into 4 stages to make it a bit easier to deal with.  The end result is fairly dependent on the boots you started with, and what the hardware you add looks like. (more…)

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DIY Math: Late Summer/Early Fall 2011 Trends

Nude shoe + Leather paint = Colorblock Pump

(photo: ASOS PATCHI Cylindrical Heel Platform High Shoe)


90’s-style clunky boots + Belts (glued on with Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic Glue = Motorcycle Boots

(photo: Balenciaga Cut-Out Flat Boots)

White blouse (back cut away) + Lace curtain (thrifted) = Lace-Backed Blouse

(photo: PUFFY Roll-Up Sleeve Lace Back Shirt)

Shirt collar (cut off a white shirt) + Scrapbooking stickers (fixed with Aleene’s Glitter and Gem Glue) = Embellished Collar

(photo: TopShop Cream Mixed Stone Collar)

Sweatshirt + Chiffon (hand-stitched to seams, laid over front) = Mixed-Media Sweatshirt

(photo: Alexander Wang Silk-Chiffon Paneled Sweatshirt)

Black cord + Brooch (pinned in center) = Bolo Tie Necklace

(photo: Vintage Zuni Thunderbird Bolo Necklace)


Embroidery thread + Grosgrain ribbon + Bangles = Colorful Wrapped Bangles

(photo: JewelMint Garden Patch Trio)

T-strap sandal + Glitter (adhered with Mod Podge or Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond = Glittery Sandals

(photo: Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Glitter Sandal)


Happy DIY’ing!


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Don’t Buy, DIY! Miu Miu Rhinestone-Embellished Flats Tutorial

I noticed these beautiful embellished ballet flats in my favorite Japanese magazine, Vivi, back in Winter of 2010.  They’re Miu Miu, available in lovely pastel colors, and boast a pretty hefty pricetag ($745!).

I figured I could make my own lookalikes from a pair of shoes I already had.  And it cost less than $15!  Here’s how…

You Need: (more…)

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DIY Fringed Gladiator Sandals: Create Couture Challenge

Yes, another project I submitted for Style Sample Magazine and New York Design Shop’s Create Couture Challenge back in early August.  I’ll get all of these posted if it kills me!!!

You Need:

*Mocha Suedette Fringe
*Mini Gold Pyramid Studs
*Large Gold Pyramid Studs

Additional Tools/Materials:

*faux suede or leather strappy sandals (American Eagle Tomahawk Beaded Sandals from Payless)
*leather glue
*awl (optional)
*moleskin (optional)

[prep: remove any embellishments from shoes first]
How to:

1. Push studs into the straps of the shoes, using pliers to bend the prongs over on the underside.  If you have trouble pushing the studs through the shoe material, an awl can be helpful to punch holes first.  You can also use small pieces of moleskin on the inside of the shoes if any prongs scratch your feet when you are wearing them.

2. Measure length of fringe needed by wrapping it around top of sandals.  Cut.

3. Apply a thin strip of leather glue to the tops of the sandals, and press the fringe into it.  Allow to dry.

And that’s it!

Gladiatrix, boho, SoCal…however you say it, these sandals are FAB!


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DIY Corsage Shoe Clips

Uber-simple.  (So simple you don’t even need step-by-step photos to illustrate!)

You Need:

*2 silk flowers (I chose cream-colored peonies)
*small piece of stiff felt
*2 shoe clips

*glue gun

How To:

1. Pull the flowers off their stems and trim off any jutting plastic from the underside.

2. Cut two small circles from the felt – large enough to become the base for each flower, but small enough to not show through in-between the petals.

3. Use glue gun to attach each felt circle to the underside of each flower and press the felt to cup the flower’s shape.  In order to stop the top layers of petals from falling off, you may also need to glue in-between each layer, near the center.

4. Open the shoe-clips, place a daub of hot glue on the felt (I chose near the top of the circle to minimize the amount the flower protrudes from the edge of the shoe), and press the non-toothed side of the shoe clip into the glue.  Squeeze more glue over that part to firmly attach it to the felt.

5. Allow to dry and remove gluey strings.

I’m liking this girly look on chunky clogs at the moment – found this pair at my local Goodwill and wanted to soften them up for the romantic look that’s so in right now.  I love the flower as juxtaposition to the organic wood of the soles.  Speaking of clogs, I also have a different pair [brown] of size 7 Nine West clogs up for sale here if anyone is interested.

Happy DIY’ing!

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