I’m not Last! I’M NOT LAST!!!

There’s nothing like a popularity contest to prove just how unpopular you really are.

I’ve been completely bummed out about how I’ve been ranking in America’s Most Stylish Blogger Competition. But TODAY, FINALLY….I’m not dead-completely-utterly-indescribably…LAST. I’m SECOND-TO-LAST!!!!:-)Totally made my day! *dances around room now that I don’t suck the most out of everybody for once* I’m RANKED 7 OUT OF 8!!!


(And if you haven’t voted yet today…do you think we can shoot for #6 out of 8??? 😉

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Voting Widget + Video for America’s Most Stylish Blogger Challenge #3

Another week, another miserable ranking for me.:-( (*shakes self and becomes perky again*)
(My photo is on the far right if you’re not sure!;-)

It’s time to vote on our outfits again! Watch the video below to see what designer Nicole Miller has to say about the outfits:
And then vote below!

I’m dead LAST and I definitely need some help!

(Don’t forget you get an entry in that $1000 Bluefly.com sweepstakes just by voting!) And you can vote once every day…open to anyone, 18 yrs. and older. (Shopping spree sweepstakes only open to U.S. residents; not sure why that is.:-(

Thank you so much for your support!

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America’s Most Stylish Blogger Competition: Challenge #3 Entry: The Mini Skirt

Something this pink deserves to be paired with pieces that allow it to shine. As an anchor to this outfit, it’s teeny and tight, so legs need to be matte, black, and look super-long with black lace-up booties. Topping things off with a DIY altered band jacket to add some kooky-sexy, this is the perfect outfit for that urban excursion or first date.

(DIY band jacket, white t-shirt, silver hammered bangles, silver and rhinestone wave rings, stretch elastic studded belt, Necessary Objects Pink Stretch Poly Mini Skirt, patent clutch handbag, tights, suede oxford booties)

Styling Tip: If you want to embrace a current trend, you don’t need to go out and buy a brand new wardrobe. By looking at what you already have in your closet – and taking a trip to the sewing store – you can give many of your pieces a new life. Using funky trims, different buttons, padding, and safety pins, you can add or take away elements from your clothing…none of which need to be permanent alterations! For example, I wanted a structured marching band jacket but didn’t want to buy it. Instead, I took a mandarin-collar cropped jacket I already had, and folded the hemline under, safety-pinning it to create that cutaway line. I pinned shoulder pads inside, and then stitched on some trim from the fabric store in a curlicue pattern. For all of $9, I had myself a brand-new jacket – one that I can convert back to the cropped collared jacket anytime the trend dies.

Thank you for looking and I’d love to have your vote on Bluefly.com or StyleList.com!
Carly J. Cais

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Please Vote in America’s Most Stylish Blogger Competition!

So Challenge #2: The Studded Ankle Boot is now LIVE on StyleList.com and Bluefly.com…

I’d love to have your vote if you liked how I styled it…

Plus there’s that $1000 Bluefly.com shopping spree up for grabs -AND you can vote every day to increase your chances of winning!

So please vote if you can by clicking the widget above or accessing the contest through StyleList.com or Bluefly.com!

Thanks for your support!:-)

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America’s Most Stylish Blogger Competition: Challenge #2 Entry: The Studded Ankle Boot

(silk crepe shirtdress, handmade necklace, marled chunky-knit wrap sweater, cross-body chain bag, Prada Ash Suede Studded Ankle Boots, script “love” and “dream” rings)

It took forever to find the perfect shoe to go with her ensemble for the evening. It was going to be a magical evening: dinner, dancing…something romantic and long-awaited. She had the perfect outfit already…

She planned to create something alluring, but edgy and sophisticated. A crepe shirtdress shot through with threads of silver and gold. A chunky-knit sweater in latte brown to keep the November winds at bay. Gold rings with cursive curliques: words reminding her to dream more and to love more. A cross-body chain bag with a brass doorknocker as an amusing detail. She even had the perfect necklace to offset the femininity of the look: a piece she had made herself after a trip to the hardware store, adorned with straight couplings and compression nuts in burnished gold (sourced from the plumbing section), strung on dove gray satin ribbon. (No one would ever realize!)

But the shoe was the piece de resistance; she needed something elegant and understated. Something on-trend but subdued…something to play up the feminine chicness of the outfit but not overpower the muted palette and gleaming accessories.

To that end, she knew she had found a match with Bluefly.com‘s Prada ash suede studded boots. In a beautiful taupe velvet (so not completely matchy-matchy), the high heel was to-die-for – and the gunmetal studding caught the light in a darkly dangerous glitter. They were perfect – and would soon whisk her away on an evening to remember.

The ensemble was not for everywoman; just for those who wanted to be remembered.

Thank you and I’d love to have your vote on StyleList.com!

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