aptYes, folks, you may have noticed a slowdown in posts this week…and that’s because I’m currently in Tokyo, Japan right now.

My mother was hospitalized earlier this month and I’ve traveled here to take care of her as she recuperates (flashback to Spring of 2012 when I did the same thing). I only just set up the internet at her place (after figuring out how to connect through a LAN cable and setting up a PPPoE on my computer after the ad-hoc connection to her computer failed…what is THAT, right??! I mean, it’s not like my Mom’s PC & Windows 7 could actually make connecting to the Internet easy or something) and with everything that’s been happening I’m quite behind on my posting, social media, tutorials, and online sharing.

I’ll be catching up slowly in the next couple days – since I’ll be here for 3-and-a-half weeks, hopefully I’ll be caught up by then. 🙂

Thanks for your patience!holdinghands



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