Hawaiiphotodiary2014_0I just returned from spending 6 days in Honolulu, HI for a family wedding. My husband’s youngest brother was getting married, and Lil Tot was to be the ringbearer on this special occasion. We just happened to leave the day before Portland received a record amount of snowfall (the most snow since 2008!!) and we arrived back the day it melted. C’est la vie, or how they say in Japanese, shouganai. We had to be content with sun, surf, and sand instead. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have been seeing my updates. Here are some of my photos from this trip, which was packed every day from morning to night with family obligations and events: Hawaiiphotodiary2014_1aWe stayed at the Halekulani hotel in Waikiki, a beautiful location right on the beach. Our room looked out on the pool and ocean:

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_1b Hawaiiphotodiary2014_1cAnd we had a nice view of the catamarans docking in front.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_1dThe food was delicious. Left: Haupia (coconut)-stuffed French toast, Right: chocolate mousse cake with lilikoi (passionfruit) syrup.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_2 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_2aI decided to splurge and get my nails done at Azumi Nail for the wedding to match my dress. Azumi herself did my extensions! First, she did a clear acrylic extension (top left), followed by a layer of clear gel (top right). Then, another technician did criss-crossing layers of gray sparkle and translucent neon yellow gel – exactly what I asked for! Then in the center of the cross she added tiny gold square studs. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails – I’d never seen them that pretty! If you’re in Honolulu, I HIGHLY recommend Azumi Nail!!

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_2bFor the rehearsal dinner Friday night, I added thick eye makeup and false eyelashes to complete the nails. Plus my favorite KAMALIKULTURE All-In-One minidress in black (with one sleeve tucked inside to make it one-shouldered), and an ASOS Ultra Skinny Metal Belt (so affordable compared to the B-Low the Belt version!!)Hawaiiphotodiary2014_3The wedding took place on Saturday outside on the lawn of the Halekulani.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_4The bride looked gorgeous of course!

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_5Hula dancers performed at the reception.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_6I was struck by the diligence of this elderly gentleman raking up the flower petals after the ceremony.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_6bWhat I wore: Kate Spade Boxed Drop Earrings, H&M Rose Gold collar choker (similar here), ASOS Slit Front Contrast Maxi Dress in Gray/Chartreuseicon, Nordstrom Ombre Scarf, Charming Charlie glitter cuff c/o, and ASOS Ultra Skinny Metal Belt . Hawaiiphotodiary2014_6cAt the wedding the food was gorgeous. Dessert was a chocolate lava cake with gold flake, wine-poached pears, and mac nut ice cream. After the wedding, for dinner we went to Gyu-kaku and barbecued our own meat-heavy dinner. Hawaiiphotodiary2014_8The next day we headed out to a favorite spot of my Hub and mine: Keawaula Beach. It’s quite a drive from Waikiki all the way to the leeward side of the island past Makaha.
Hawaiiphotodiary2014_7 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_9But it’s so worth it for the beautiful, serene beach that is almost deserted and gorgeous, pristine ocean waters.
Hawaiiphotodiary2014_10 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_11 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_12 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_13Making a “rainbow” with little feet in the sand.Hawaiiphotodiary2014_14Lil Tot practicing his golf swing, pretending to hit the golf ball-like structures on top of the sheltering cliffs.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_15 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_16 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_17 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_17bI found a dried-up sea star washed up on the beach! I’ve never found one before in my life.Hawaiiphotodiary2014_18On the way back, you just have to stop at L&L Drive-In for the full Hawaii experience. Of course I ordered the Hawaiian Plate: shredded Kahlua pork and cabbage, a scoop of rice, and a scoop of mac salad. And of course a Hawaiian Sun Guava to top it all off!Hawaiiphotodiary2014_18bWe didn’t try this (maybe we should have…?)

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_20bIn Waikiki, the sights pretty much remain the same.

Hawaiiphotodiary2014_20 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_20c Hawaiiphotodiary2014_21 Hawaiiphotodiary2014_23Ahhhh, the trip was way too short! Hopefully we can go back soon again (we lived there 4 years and our son was born there, so it holds a special place in our hearts:-)



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