murua_aw13lookbook1MURUA is a mass retail brand focusing on feminine details within contemporary trends. With their A/W 2013 collection entitled “Cubic Art,” the brand attempts to combine modern materials, patterns, and techniques into wearable dimensional art. Produced by fashion magazine darling and It-girl Momoko Ogihara and founded in 2006 by the MARK STYLER company (also backers of EMODA – see their latest lookbook here), the brand can be seen throughout popular fashion magazines and is considered the go-to clothing line for young fashionistas in the know.


murua_aw13lookbook3 murua_aw13lookbook4 murua_aw13lookbook5 murua_aw13lookbook6 murua_aw13lookbook7 murua_aw13lookbook8 murua_aw13lookbook9 murua_aw13lookbook10 murua_aw13lookbook11 murua_aw13lookbook12 murua_aw13lookbook13 murua_aw13lookbook14 murua_aw13lookbook15 murua_aw13lookbook16 murua_aw13lookbook17 murua_aw13lookbook18 murua_aw13lookbook19 murua_aw13lookbook20 murua_aw13lookbook21 murua_aw13lookbook22 murua_aw13lookbook23 murua_aw13lookbook24MURUA-brand clothing and accessories can be purchased in boutiques throughout Japan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, and Honolulu, as well as online at RUNWAY channel, touchME, and FADbyMURUA.

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