It’s the middle of Summer, temperatures are rising, and it becomes so much harder to look chic and effortless. Plus you’re not covered with accessories and coats and scarves and hats and the like…so it may be more difficult to incorporate DIY pieces into your outfits. But here are some great ideas from street style photos for you to start your DIY list for the [mid-] season:

kaq6lhvayhql6zsemvb3via Obaz.com

Jazz up a pair of cutoffs with sequin and beaded trims (M&J Trimming has some great ones!)

3182545_backtowindow222via WiolettaM’s Lookbook.nu

Add a pretty printed fabric over a panel on your satchel with some Mod Podge.

img_462w_af999045a1f1via MeganCavallo on ModCloth Style Gallery

Liven up a plain black skirt with fabric paint in wide bands.

3bf3045c01c06ce1fb78b64ca09ecdfeda8c4115_600via Ashley Tarkington on Lucky Community

Craft up a Trina Turk lookalike dress by adding some bright bias binding to the edges of a neutral dress, and wear with a black stretchy elastic belt.


via FashionDistrict.org

Add some pretty felt flowers to the brim of a straw hat to match your outfit…extra points if you put them on a pin-backing and make them removable. 😉

d9e321ff7ed7ae7c090af56d345efeeevia FashionDistrict.org

Add fun to a plain cotton blouse by printing it with tiny animals (using a stencil or stamp) and fabric paint or ink. Instant DIY print!

FFCOFFEE+114via Atlantic-Pacific

Add a favorite saying to a loose sweatshirt or T-shirt with some bold iron-on letters.

47ee65e70d2f3144fadcc41d3fcd674d{source unknown}

Try your hand at ombre-dyeing by dip-dyeing a white silken blouse with indigo hues.

fdada6feb561fc2a1c2c5d95df8e939dvia FashionHotbox

Make that plain tote you carry everywhere tons more fun with a bag- or box-shaped iron-on graphic. (You could also just paint your own, or try just outlining it trompe l’oeil-style with a Sharpie!)

d0e148c841e888f7a9bb870c75858082via With Love From Kat

Hand-sew colorful tassels to the edges of a printed scarf for a Moroccan vibe and a punch of color.

How are you DIY’ing your outfits this Summer?




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