DIYmothersdaygifts2013Mother’s Day 2013 is almost upon us…how are you doing for finding that perfect thing for that special woman in your life?  Flowers, chocolate, a handmade card expressing love, even a thoughtful gesture can go a long way in showing her how much she’s appreciated!  If you’re looking for something to give, here at the very, very last minute, are some Mother’s Day Gift ideas to DIY for that lovely lady:

Idea-Notebook-picture-pillows-0112-mdnDIY Vintage Photo Throw Pillow with Freezer Paper

Try using a treasured photo of Mom’s, family photos, or a snap of you + Mom together, for an extra-special way to preserve memories.

GardeniaBouquetDIY Paper Gardenia Bouquet

Real flowers wilt and die…a bouquet of these will last forever! Love the Scrabble tiles anchoring the bouquet, adding a personalized touch.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.18.14 AMDIY Geometric Paperweights

These are super-chic and can totally be customized for Mom with a coat or two of paint, glitter, or tape.

geo-tape-art81DIY Geometric Triangle Art

Or how about this pretty piece of Washi Tape Triangle Art for Mom? The end result is amazing and all you need is a little tape.

pleated-tote-bagPleated Tote Tutorial

This tote could be made in Mom’s favorite fabric (or even in fabric printed with family photos – see #1). Of course there are a ton of DIY Bag and Tote tutorials out there on the internet if you’re looking for a different style…this site offers a great roundup.

locket-and-oil1DIY Perfume Locket

Making perfume is surprisingly easy…and a solid perfume locket allows the wearer to carry it around all day, refreshing as needed.  You can get all your supplies at your local natural foods store, and fill a locket…or a necklace vial…or a ring…or a compact case…the possibilities go on and on!

decorative_party_traysDIY Chevron Patterned Party Tray

Find a pretty fabric – and glue it to a tray for a whole new look. (You could even decoupage it with Mod Podge instead of using an acrylic sheet to make it permanent!)

(Hint: If you’re looking for a low- or no-cost alternative gift, Moms also really appreciate a meal made for the family by their partner, kids taken care of and put to bed, and a long, uninterrupted bubble bath all their own…without any little floaty toys or random kidparts and splashes in it.  Just sayin.’ 😉

Do you have any favorite Mother’s Day projects to share?  Add them in the comments section!

Hope you and all the mothers in your life enjoy a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!




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