Ah, Tokyo is a shopping paradise!!  I just love coming here and walking all over the city pocking in stores, touching everything, making lists, reading magazines to find out what’s in and where to get it, and eventually returning to said stores near the end of my trip to purchase a few items after I’ve been dreaming about them for weeks.

With my mother unable to leave her apartment just yet (except by car to go to her physical therapy appointments), and me unable to leave her side, instead of window shopping I have to console myself with web shopping.  But thank goodness Japanese online shopping has blossomed over the past year or so and now I can get quite a few things on the Internet that before were only available in stores or via Rakuten’s third-party sellers [some of the time].

Here are some things on my wishlist:
1. MURUA Logo Photo T-Shirt / 2. Spiral Girl Wing T-Shirt in Beige Pink / 3. BORNY 2-Stone Earrings /4. WOND Mesh T-Shirt in Orange / 5. moussy Bi-Color Knit Cardigan / 6. maygloba earring set / 7. MIIA Marine Tote Bag / 8. Chihiro Baba Mirror Earrings  / 9. Spiral Girl Hybrid One-Piece Dress / 10. Osmosis Grey Asymmetrical Sandal / 11. YOiM furfur Chiffon Pleats One-Piece Dress/ 12. flake Rhine Heart Earrings / 13. KAZA Jack Bracelet

Most of these items are only available if you ship to a Japanese address; you could perhaps use a freight forwarder to have it shipped to your foreign address, but I’ve never used one of them and really wouldn’t know how to go about it…

Hmmm…must research this…


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