Tanktop: so old I don’t remember

Horseshoe pendant necklace: won in a Lucky Magazine giveaway…so Lucky Magazine-brand??

Distressed wrap ballet shirt: DIY (of a Hanes…? shirt)

Metal tubing Doublewear hair elastics: Goody

Two-pocket Bandolier Messenger: Marni [gift from my mother-in-law]

Blue tulle skirt: Spiral Girl

Blue diamond-print tights: so old I don’t even remember

Flowered socks: H&M

Painted suede wedges: DIY (tutorial here)

I always have a tough time with that transitional period between Winter and Spring.  I mean, how do you balance warm-enough clothes with Springy colors and prints??  It’s been unusually nice weather here lately, at least in the afternoons.  Sunny and balmy, with only a little hail throughout the week!

I also wavered a bit on whether I should post this outfit or not.  After all, I am perhaps a bit beyond the age where wearing a tutu is normally acceptable.  Supposedly.  According to some people.

But then I remembered, I love my tutu.  I love being silly and having fun with fashion.  And though I receive some pretty harsh criticism for some of my style choices, I like being unique and eclectic.  That’s just who I am.

So here I am embracing the tulle-with-sweatshirt trend for Spring.  I customized this sweatshirt with holes, jumprings, and a satin waist-tie.  I made two more of them as well (and they’re available here, in my ShopChicSteals store where I sell my gently-used clothing and accessories.)  The extra ones I made I didn’t wear, though.  I have one in a Medium (which is the same size as the one I’m wearing) and one in a Large.

I would have preferred to go bare-legged, but it’s still a little chilly for that.

H&M was carrying some great printed crew socks in sets of 3 – this set came with these pastel flowers on gray socks, large yellow dots on beige socks, and tiny beige dots on white socks.  Perfect for pairing with all my sandals!  They had some great combination sets – definitely check them out if you have an H&M near you!

Oh, and have you seen this from Chictopia about how to make the transition style-wise from Winter into Spring?  Perhaps that can begin to give me some clues how to handle this time of year in my outfit choices!!

Hope you guys are all having a great week!




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