I had so much material and great sites bookmarked from last week, last Links of the Week was threatening to become a gigantic 2-chapter installment.  So I split it up so I could include many more wonderful DIYs and extraordinary ideas this week!

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Flowers made from tights by K.I.S.S. is a great project if you have pretty tights with runs in them. (Reminds me of my Rolled Tights Rose Tutorial, which I shared last year on Cut Out + Keep.)  But hers are much prettier and more whimsical!!

Or how about jewelry made from plants?  Living jewelry, that is!  Though it’s not a tutorial, I’m feeling inspired by Viola Living Jewels, a line that uses tillandsia (air plants) in pieces.

Thera Joyce shared a video tutorial on how to make a tube top from a T-shirt you already have in your closet.  Add this to your summer wardrobe, too!  Watch it here.

If you like Glee, you’ll love this Emma Pillsbury T-Shirt Refashion project by iCandy Handmade!  A prim and perfect refashion.

Brittany shared with me her new DIY blog: Opposite of War.  She’s just starting out in the blogosphere and shared her great idea for a pair of Ballerina-Inspired Flip-Flops.  Lovely!

Livlig Online is a new site I’ve discovered, featuring TONS of DIY roundups (like One Pretty Thing, except different) with Home, Jewelry, and Clothing DIYs…it could keep me busy for HOURS!

Nichelle not Michelle posted her tutorial for creating a dress from a shirt and a pair of leggings.  What a sexy makeover – Meow!

Featured on Chictopia as a “DIY Bikini,” this 3D-printed nylon piece by Contiuum apparently arrives at your door flat, and you have to snap it together.  And when I write “printed” I don’t mean that it has a printed pattern on it…I mean that it’s literally printed with a printer that creates 3D objects from scratch!!  However, I’m much more interested in Continuum’s D Dress App, an online application that converts any dress you draw with it into dress pattern made up of tiny triangles, available for you to print on your home printer.  I’ll have to try this out and make my own avant-garde wearable piece!

Inspired by a piece by NastyGal, Cheap Chic Obsession created a DIY Fringe T-shirt.  Easy and chic and perfect for summer!

I love this idea for reuse and recycling!  Rather than dump the 400 yards of non-biodegradable fabric from an old balloon into a landfill, Turk + Taylor designed their Spring Collection of clothing using the ripstop nylon from the balloon.  How amazing is that??!  (Source)

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