There are a number of pieces that have been on my mind for awhile but I’ve been unable to devote the DIY time since this project for my class is threatening to eat me alive.  These items, however, are burned into my brain…and are on deck for some upcoming tutorials…

2 T-shirts made into a dress

(found on Outsapop)

Pamela Love Arrowhead Ring

(photo from FashionToast…I think)

Stylestalker Tentacle Skirt

(photo from

Alexander Wang One-Shouldered Sports Bra

(photo from

Miu Miu Embellished Flats

(photo from

Alexander Wang Mesh Shoulder Insert Top

(photo from …(can you tell I like Alexander Wang??;-)

Yves St. Laurent Arty Oval Ring

(photo from Net-a-porter)



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