do you have any idea why corinne, rob, and meg stopped making videos for threadbanger?

I know it was not any of their decisions to leave – the choice was not theirs to make.  (Though Rob as far as I know did decide to leave the show earlier to work on his own projects.) Reading all the comments to their last video (above), I can see how the community is upset and infuriated with them leaving, and with the way it was handled (which also was not a decision any of them had the ability to make either). If people are really upset with the direction Threadbanger is heading, I urge you to write directly to its parent company, Next New Networks, to protest Corinne & Meg’s leaving (and Lee’s and mine too if you feel like it!:-) ) It was such a great, indie-oriented, subversive show, and apparently the owning company feels like taking it in a different direction now.


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