Finally!  I’ve got my voice back – la la LA – and Lil Tot seems to be on the mend, after about a week of staying inside and doing NOTHING.

I managed to reorganize my tights drawer yesterday with the Perfect Sense Drawer Organizer.  I never trust those things that are like “AS SEEN ON TV!” or items you’ve seen a million places already that just look kinda hokey and unreliable…but this actually does what it says it does and it doesn’t feel like it will fall apart at a single breath.  Though I didn’t take a before piccy, this is what my drawer looked like AFTER…

Everything all neatly stored away.

Apparently the diagonal divider makes 31 or 32 compartments, depending on how you space it…and that’s FABULOUS, except that I have more than 32 pairs of tights AND socks, so of course I still have to figure out what to do with the overflow.  (As you can see from the photo, I’ve stuffed 2 pairs of tights into the same compartment here and there, he he.)  I definitely have Too Many Tights!!

I’ve also lined the walls of the drawer with perfume sample inserts ripped out of magazines…I also cut up my magazines once they’re about 3 months old, saving any photos of clothing, shoes, accessories, or bits of advice that strike my eye.  I also cut out those perfume inserts, open them up, and line my clothing drawers with them.  The scent wafting out of an open drawer is beautiful, and it lingers on my clothes all day.  (That was a little tip I found in the book Wear More Cashmere: 151 Luxurious Ways to Pamper Your Inner Princess, one of my faves that gives little everyday tips for indulging your inner glamour girl.)

And…drumroll please…I also reorganized my under-the-sink storage in my bathroom.  It was pretty awful BEFORE…

And now I think it looks tons better AFTER.

Okay…I have a huge amount of stuff.

I used a bunch of Crystal Clear Shoe Drawers and a Crystal Clear Oversized Shoe Drawer atop one Crystal Clear Sweater Drawer that I bought from The Container Store (tho you can also buy on Amazon thru the links above if you don’t have a local Container Store).  Granted, it would probably have looked neater had I used drawers with non-see thru plastics, but I like to see what’s in my drawers.  I also have my old Kit n Kaboodle makeup organizers (remember those from the 80’s???) and a couple of empty cardboard boxes from orders and chocolate assortments (they’re the perfect size for little boxes to further organize the insides of my drawers with).  More places to put things once I need them!

Somehow, life just feels so much better when you’re organized.


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