I am sooooo sick. So utterly sick. Stuffed-up sinus, drippy nose, 4 infections in my mouth, swollen lymph nodes, body aches…blech. So since I feel so awful, I’m going to think of pretty, lovely things to covet to bring a little sunshine into my life:

1. Triple 5 Soul The Suspended Skirt, $89, Karmaloop.com. LOVE that you can remove the suspender part and wear the skirt as is.

2. Twinkle by Wenlan Cabled Sweater Cape, $288, Anthropologie.com. Coolest sweater in the history of sweaters.

3. Red Wool Beret, $8.95, Amazon.com. I’m totally studding this out with pyramid studs from Studsandspikes.com!

4. Apostrophe Cable Tights, $6, Sears.com. I’ve been searching for cabled tights everywhere!

5. Melody Ehsani The Chain Ring, $88, Karmaloop.com. Totally in-your-face hard-edge.

6. jadelousie Black Lace Vest, $30, Etsy.com. Perfect for laying under a cardi or sticking out from a blazer or denim jacket.

7. Vling Skull Necklace, $14.99, Vling.bigcartel.com. Made from a vinyl record – so cool!

8. Litter Catwalk Shoe Chains, $98, Littersf.com. I might just DIY these.

An early xmas wishlist, perchance?:-) What do you gals have on your wishlists?


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