Sometimes it’s fun to go vintage and over-the-top. A throwback to the grunge years of yore, the plaid shirt is back this year, and it’s better than ever, with frilly, girly detailing and a feminine fit. Top it off with a large leopard coat and oversize sunnies, and you’re mixing prints, becoming larger-than-life, and skating the line between fabulous and just plain “out-there.” Be big, bold, and unapologetic – pairing your large top with a streamlined bottom in the form of skinny dark-rinse denims and over-the-knee socks. Love it!

(oversize sunnies, vintage faux fur leopard coat, Priorities Red English Plaid “The Delia” Shirt, handmade chain necklaces, handmade chain-and-pearl mailbox number necklace, dark-rinse skinny jeans, ribbed over-the-knee socks, slouchy flat suede boots, oversized leather tassel weekender bag)

Styling Tip: People may criticize your outfit – hey, we all have opinions when we come to fashion! The most important point to styling something is that the end result makes you feel fabulous. If you don’t feel you’re rocking it – no matter how on-trend, classic, or socially-accepted it is – dump it! For instance, I feel incomplete unless I’m wearing something I’ve made myself. Though it may be a bit much to some eyes, I layered on gold chains with this outfit – included one with a pendant made from one of those bronze numbers you might have on your mailbox. Now it’s perfect!

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Carly J. Cais


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