Another V Magazine spread for ya! (It published yesterday, so I’m a little behind…sorry.)

Natalie Portman was shot by Mario Testino for issue #62 of V Magazine, winter 2009/10 which hits newsstands today. She wears Calvin Klein Jeans with crystallized Swarovski elements on the cover. Claire Richardson styled her and the shoot took place in London. Natalie appears sexy androgynous and tough with her “pompadour” hairstyle.

A star at the age of 12, Natalie Portman could have found herself a victim of fast fame. Instead, the insanely talented, supremely beautiful, and intensely focused young actress has carved out a Hollywood career of stunning depth. Now she’s expanding her repertoire in the season’s war blockbuster “Brothers”, starring in her first-ever sex scene, and speaking her mind, as always.

Now I don’t what they’re talking about with the Calvin Klein jeans reference (must be in some other photos) but I am D.I.YING over her jewel-encrusted shoulder-thingies. Not sure where I would wear them, though!

What do all of you think? Is she fierce and fabulous? Or is it the stylist that is?

-Carly J. Cais



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