So the video for America’s Next Stylish Blogger is now up, with celebrity publicist Kelly Cutrone breaking down the looks…

Apparently she didn’t like mine AT ALL – saying that she had no idea what was going on, she hated the accessories, it was too much, etc.

I do have to address her criticism by saying that what my blog is all about is DIY’ing your own pieces…and I didn’t have enough time to make myself a blouse, pants, or shoes…so in order to showcase my brand, I went to the max with the jewelry. (Again, it’s what’s happening in fashion right now.) If you follow this blog, you know that I’m always trying to use accessories in new, funky ways. ANYONE can pair the blazer with a pair of jeans and a shirt and leave it at that- the whole point of the exercise, I thought, was to do it well – i.e., thinking about colors, textures, lengths, embellishments, etc; creating a look that was pleasing to the eye and appealing. And in my book that also means being creative and adding things I made myself! Though I know “doing it well” is certainly in the eye of the beholder LOL!

This is really what “my brand” is all about: funky, trendy, DIY, the runway look for less…I think that looking at my photo, this definitely comes across. (Though you have to read the description to hear about the DIY part.)

I also wish they wouldn’t keep reminding everyone that I’m a “mom” and being like “you’re a mom, would you wear this?” Chic Steals is not about, and never has been, fashion that is for “moms” (whatever that is, anyhow). It’s about finding that designer look for less – what’s hot, what’s trendy, what’s on the runways. It’s not about an outfit you can wear to go grocery shopping with Tot in tow. (I don’t wear any of the outfits I post when I go to Fred Meyer, for example. Trendy fashion is not really day-to-day clothing, if you know what I mean.:-) I also mention my Mom status so rarely on my blog if you’re not a regular visitor you may miss it. Sure I have a child, but my passion for making things, keeping up with trends, and scoring a deal are not related to having a little one.)

I also take it they mean “from Oregon” in that I live there? I’m from NJ originally! Shout out to all the Joisey kids out there!:-P

Okay, rant over! Just to clarify some things for anyone who cares:-)

Please vote if you haven’t yet! (Scroll down to the voting widget below the video) Oh, and you can vote once day! Please do, and each day you’ll have an extra entry to win that shopping spree!:-)



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