Though the idea of the ball-chain necklace has been around for awhile (I was in fact sporting one back in ’96 when skater fashion was all the rage), jewelry designer Yuko Osugi has taken it one step further…developing it into a refined accessory instead of awkward teenage rebellion piece.

Inspired by Coco Chanel, Osugi wanted to create a modern day version of Coco’s long, layered look at an affordable price. By varying the size of the balls on the ball-chain she created a one-of-a-kind accessory piece…something that mimics the effect of a draped rope of multi-sized pearls from far away, but upon closer inspection displays a metallic edge. And, she was able to fashion these necklaces (in 2-strand, 6-strand, and 12-strand, with the choice of 3 metal finishes) and offer them for less than $60 each on her site, season her work was chunky and in-your-face – exemplified by her signature piece, the Snake Necklace (pictured above). For Fall 2009 it’s all about whisper-quiet elegance.
(I also love the Flinestones-y Chunky Bracelet (above) from Yukester’s previous collection – pebbles for the wrist.)

Here’s how I styled a couple of my Yukester necklaces:

Kind of a librarian look.
(F21 turtleneck, cut off Hanes t-shirt, Gap flowered skirt that’s 4 sizes too big for me, Newport News lace-up boots,
Black 6-Strand Ball-Chain Yukester Necklace, Silver 12-Strand Ball Chain Yukester Necklace)

Same necklaces, different look. I’m wearing my party hair!
(Old Navy cardigan, Alloy ruffled tank, Bebe silver puff-skirt, Hue tights,
unknown velvet bow booties, F21 rhinestone ring,Chanel Blue Satin nail polish, Yukester Ball Chain necklaces)

I love how the necklaces are kind of tangly when layered.

Paired with a dress from one of my previous collections for my line RIVETED. I still have a couple of this dress in stock – if anyone’s interested, please email me!
(RIVETED dress with attached necklace,
Yukester Gold 2-Strand Ball-Chain Necklace)

I wore the Yukester necklace so it kind of drips down the back…would look great with any open-back piece.

Amazingly, you can also wear the 12-strand necklace as draped body jewelry across your shoulders.

And finally…I love how you can also wear the 2-strand necklace as head-jewelry.
I think it works better with long hair, though!

From the Yukester website:
Yukester Jewelry features trend-setting fashion accessories from around the world. Inspired by extensive travel experiences, and our drive to find pieces that are truly “beautiful, original, and exceptional”, we strive to find pieces that encapsulate a worldly charm, and convey a unique beauty. Blending East and West, the Trade Winds of the Caribbean and the waters of the Ganges, the colorful street stalls of Peru and the soaring, glittering skyscrapers of Tokyo, we are committed to bringing the worlds most inspiring and distinctive fashion to you.

Shop the full collection at


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