Though this is a bit off-topic, we here at Chic Steals receive about 20-40 emails a day, from marketing people, PR lackeys, various designers plugging their lines, bloggers plugging their blogs, job inquiries, and event invites (to events on the other side of the country – never anything that’s actually here in the same city). We’re not trying to boast; this is just the sad reality that goes part and parcel with writing once-weekly articles for So with our inbox perpetually clogged with email, we normally just forget about things until we have a huge block of time to devote to sorting through all the coal (witness this morning and stuck at the mechanic’s for an oil change). And, in there are a few gems – noteworthy, interesting sites – that we wanted to share with all of you:

SNOB Style blog
A fashion resource web site and web TV show, Check out some of SNOB Style TV episodes on Lisa Kline, Fred Segal, Intuition, Rachel Pally, Rich & Skinny jeans, Lauren Conrad, and Nikki Hilton. Enter to win a $2000 HOT Holiday Makeover called Become A SNOB by Tues, Dec 16.

Too Many Tights blog
Blog devoted solely to legwear (blogged by a legwear designer, no less), with hits and misses, where the bargains are, and cool trends to watch for.

A responsible and ethical line of t-shirts that allow music lovers to express their passion for music by wearing their favorite lyrics on their chest, in partnership with Apple iTunes and Edun Live (founded by Ali Hewson and Bono) to create. The shirts are locally sourced from Africa, from the cotton they source, through the spinning and knitting stages, all the way to the final logo print on the inside of every music tee. And, every purchase comes with 10 free iTunes songs of your choice. Tees are around $35, and look great on both guys and girls.

Love & Victory
A new accessories line by designer Meg Moorhouse, drawing its inspiration from Victorian sweetheart jewelry, friendship and love tokens, type design, and tattoos, creating covetable objects worthy of gifting to your nearest and dearest. (Tattoo Banner Necklace, $158, above)

A new accessories website full of trend-driven jewelry that retail for only $8-$40. Similar to stuff from fabulous boutiques in Soho, Bergdorfs Goodman’s, Henri Bendels and Nordstrom’s.
Awesome site with designer fashion (FarylRobin & Fornarina), with everything for $29.99. They have both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, from tops to bottoms, t-shirts to shoes, even leather and suede boots.

The only place that lets consumers access the latest, hottest bargains and sales from a single location – simple, streamlined, straightforward. It also lets you shop by “theme” and personality type. Create your own personal mall where shopping is truly all about you… your favorite stores and styles, your way.

Bevy (Facebook Fashion Application)
Features include “Sale Watch,” where members can tag items and they notify you if the price drops.

London-based French illustrator – art has appeared in everything from Vogue to advertisements. Ethereal and oh-so-French.

Add to your link lists, chickadees!

-Carly J. Cais


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