DIY Alternative Holiday Trees and Wreaths from the CB2 Blog

If you celebrate the holidays with trees and wreaths – have you got your decorations up yet?  Or are you maybe thinking something…maybe…a little different this year?

When it comes to indoor decor, I’m definitely not a Pottery Barn or a Crate & Barrel person…but when Crrte & Barrel launched their modern-aesthetic catalog, CB2, I feel in love.  The spaces are minimalist and well-designed; contemporary and unified.  Maybe a bit youthful and hipster (but when did that become an insult, O Internet?)  The design sense is just amaaaahhhzing.

In any case, I always love falling into the CB2 catalog and dreaming of redoing my spaces…perhaps it’s just the lack of kid-clutter I find so appealing? 😉  Their ideas for DIY alternative holiday trees are a  great place to start:

The Whirly Tree

The String Lights Tree

The Frame Tree

The Chalkboard Tree


~Ideas for Wreaths~

The Bubble Wreath

The Snowball Wreath

P.S. They also post other DIY home and decorating ideas, so check through the blog archives to see what makeover awaits!

Happy DIY’ing!



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DIY: Super-Easy $7 Holiday Wreath

Since I’ve posted a how-to for a cheap n easy Easter Wreath and a similar one for a Fall Wreath, I thought a Winter Holiday Wreath was in order.  Though you don’t have to buy your bits and bobs at the Dollar Tree per se, I found that they had such a variety of items I could just mix and match add-ons to their pre-fab wreaths…which alone, looked a little sad and like you bought it at the Dollar Store.  And we want something a little more fabulous, no?

(Everything except the tiny ornaments I bought at the Dollar Tree…and the ornaments were in the $1 bin at Target near the entrance of the store!)  Though the method is a little self-explanatory, I figured why not do something easy when everything’s all caught up in that last-minute countdown to Christmas?

You Need:

*evergreen wreath base
*4 assorted decor sprays (mine had pine needle sprays, pinecones, tiny horns, wrapped packages, and plastic fruit, already affixed!)
*large red velour bow
*pack of tiny ornament balls

*hot glue gun & gluesticks
*wire cutters


 1. Trim the ends of the decor sprays so they won’t stick out from your wreath.  Also: Fluff out the pieces of “evergreen” towards the outside so the wreath looks a little fuller – we’ll be angling all the stuff we’re sticking on towards the inside to create the illusion of a nice, full wreath.

2. Attach the bow at the bottom of the wreath base – mine had a pipe cleaner attached to the back for easy-affixment.

3. Hot-glue the decor sprays around the wreath.

4. Add the tiny ornaments, hot-glued in-between.  (I chose ones that were within the same color scheme of my other decorations: red/gold.)


Okay, that took 5 minutes.  Now on to the million batches of cookies I still have to bake!


Did You Know? The familiar stick-on 8-point ribbon bows that so many of us use on our holiday gifts are actually called “German Christmas Stars” (among many other names).  There is a great step-by-step illustrated tutorial here for those of you who want to try folding your own (just don’t flatten down the points to get that “present bow” look).

Happy DIY’ing!  (And if you’re looking to jazz up this wreath a little bit, do so with my Super-Easy $5 Holiday Wreath Tutorial…coming up shortly!)


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