Has the Spike Trend Gone Too Far?

These unfathomable sunglasses make me begin to think so.

The spike-holes are hand-drilled!  And these sunglasses can become a headband!!  And for a mere $220 U.S. Dollars, they can be yours!


I have a DIY post coming up…just a little too knackered right now to get it done.  Sleep wins out and it will be posting tomorrow!

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I gotta say, these look scary, painful, and a good way to tell everyone around you “hell no!” without saying a word. They also strangely remind me of that Far Side cartoon which was entitled Nature’s Way of Saying Don’t Touch.

I am also funnily drawn to them and think what a great idea. (This is actually my Studsandspikes.com-addicted side talking.) See more of the collection at www.ellie-owen.com.


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