DIY: Quick n Easy Vintage-Style Iron-On Decal Leather Keyring Charms

DIYleatherirononkeychain_introWhile I was in Japan last April/May, despite the unhappy circumstances of my visit I did manage to go to some craft stores to see the latest trends and products.  One thing I came across were these beautiful vintage-style iron-on decals by Eruberu Co, Ltd.  They’re a company that manufactures a number of craft-related supplies, and these decals were just so lovely and whimsical I couldn’t help buying a few to play with.  Victorian-style kitties, bunnies, little girls, roses, and birds, oh my!

So I brought them home to Oregon to my trusty old iron and ironing board, and decided to whip up some quick little keychain charms using some scrap leather I had lying around.  And if you can wield an iron, you can easily make these pretty little keychain rings and cell phone charms too!  Here’s how: (more…)

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