Inspiration: Blaze Your Own Trail

Blaze Your Own Trail gold typography inspirational quote

Blaze your own trail.


Though in part attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson,who wrote “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”…this phrase is sometimes challenging to fully embrace. But as inspiration for living, I’ve finally come to realize:

Truer words could not have been said.

May your trail always be bold and ablaze with furious amazement.


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Inspiration: Never Say Never Quote

Never Say Never gold typography quote

Never say never.

Though I’ve heard it many times before, I was surprised to find that this quote is first attributed to Charles Dickens’ Pickwick Papers. (Not Justin Bieber, strangely enough.)

As a creative, you will encounter many roadblocks. You will experience many naysayers along your journey…as well as your own internal voice that talks you down from that ledge of dreams. Don’t rule the possibilities out…and keep dreaming.


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Inspire: It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done Quote

It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done Gold Typography quote

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

-Nelson Mandela

From one of the most inspiring people of our time comes this quote, effective in its simplicity, awe-inspiring at its most humble.

When things seem impossible, know that they only do on this side of them because they aren’t done yet. And persevere. Like the brave and untiring Nelson Mandela did.

Truly inspiring.


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Inspire: Discover Your Why Quote

Discover Your WHY gold typography quote

“Discover Your WHY”

So many people ask me how I’ve been blogging so long (8 years this month now!) and how I’ve been able to keep motivated for so long and consistently (er…mostly) kept up with posting, week in and week out, for many, many weeks (and months…and years…)

My answer is: I’ve discovered my WHY.

I can’t stress how important this is to every endeavor you may undertake in life. (I’m not sure of the attribution for this inspirational quote, but the words are so singularly important I’ve chosen to share this here.)

No matter what, if you are putting time, energy, and passion into it…you must have a WHY.

An overwhelming, underlying reason for WHY you do it.

And WHY you must keep going with it, even if energy, time, and passion fail. A greater conviction. A higher moral calling. Something to get you through thick and thin, through the dark days of uncertainty and self-doubt.

I find sometimes the best thing to do when my passion or focus flags…is to ask myself WHY. WHY do I blog? WHY do I put time into it? What do I get out of it?

And whatever answer I have…ask WHY again. Keep asking WHY until I reach the core reason – and that is what I must hold on to when motivation flags or I begin to doubt.

This is a great tool for discovering (or re-discovering!) your purpose, or getting in touch with your passion, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to continue a creative endeavor long-term.

Discover your WHY – and you can keep going until that WHY changes. May it buoy your wings…


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