DIY Katharine Hamnett-Inspired Typography T-Shirt Dress

So we were all wowed by the fashion from the SATC movie, and numerous “how to get the look” postings on blogs across the world followed the movie’s release. (Yours truly is also guilty 😉

So one look I was obsessed with was that effortless Katharine Hamnett “STAY ALIVE IN 85” tee that SJP was wearing in one scene as a mini-dress, with those unforgettable argyle thigh-highs and gladiator sandals. (I’ll skip the thigh-highs myself for wearing anywhere but in my backyard for a photo op.)

Since I’m not about to go and plunk down 40 pounds (about $73 U.S.) for a t-shirt at’s online store (yes, I’m a frugal cheapskate!), and given the fact that the lovely cobalt blue color SJP is wearing in the movie is not even available (and they don’t ship to the U.S.-major bummer), I’ll have to go one better.

It’s a t-shirt worn as a dress. No problem. Find out how I did it…


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