So I Designed a Shoe…

Just messing around on Zazzle.  Who didn’t love that gorgeous Miu Miu swallow-printed rhinestone-encrusted platform pump from their Spring 2010 show?

So I designed a similar black-on-baby-pink swallow print for a pair of sneakers on Zazzle.  (I’ve been wanting to make a pair of custom sneaks for awhile, just the multiple layouts for the numerous parts of the shoe were pretty daunting.  I gave up on matching the pattern across the seamlines, since it will be different for each size.  If you have any design inclinations I urge you to try out their Keds Custom Shoes design tool!  It’s really fun and the possibilities are limitless – you can customize the entire patten, as I did, or just choose color presets and the color of all the trims etc.)  The shoe I chose is the Keds Women’s Lace-Up – and I’ve loaded it into my virtual store there, so anyone can buy their own pair too!  I’ve set the pattern and allowed customization of the trims.

For my pair, I chose white trim, pink stitching, white laces, silver eyelets, white sole, and pink insole.  Oh so many choices!

I can’t WAIT until they arrive and I can rock them out…first off, I’m switching out the laces to sparkly silver, and maybe pairing with some cuffed light blue denim shorts and a breezy, blousey white top?  Or a black paperbag-waisted skirt and a chambray denim shirt?  (With painted DIY Miu Miu collar, of course!)

If you’d like your own pair, they are available in my Zazzle store:

(The only bummer is custom sneaks take about 4 weeks to make.  Totally worth the wait though – and they’ll arrive just as summer is upon us!)

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